Brahmadivya Sadhana Kendra



Shree Gurumaee, Dr.Anuja Janvalekar was born in the auspicious month of Margashirsha-Shukla Paksha 2027 (December 1970). At that time it was briefly predicted that this girl was destined to attain sainthood. However the prediction was forgotten during the course of time.

At a tender age of nine years Shree Gurumaee had the opportunity to receive diksha from Ramakrishna Mission. Shree Gurumaee has completed her entire education in Mumbai. She has been deeply influenced by the discipline and general administration at the Mission since childhood.
Shree Gurumaee continues to be guided by the eternal presence of Thakurji, i.e. Shree Ramakrishna Paramahansa 14th June 2007 was the day that dawned happiness in the life of Shree Gurumaee. She was able to experience the presence of Thakurji in person and also converse with him.

This very moment turned her life and painted it onto a spiritual canvas. Importance of materialistic thoughts was now over. The nectar of Kriya Yoga had been received by her in the year 2007. Thus as per earlier prediction, spreading the knowledge of Kriya Yoga became the sole purpose of her life. While on this mission, she was blessed in person by none other than the reviver of Kriya Yoga, Shree Mahavatar Babaji. Year 2014 proved to be a turning point in Shree Gurumaee's life. She started her studies on Himalayan spiritual practices.

During this period she started receiving indications encouraging her to start leading life of a Guru. She was not ready to accept these indications at that point of time. Finally in January 2015, Gurudev appeared before her and delivered clear instructions to her through a medium.

In February 2015, Lord Mahadev himself appeared through a medium and blessed her. He imparted knowledge of mysteries related to Kundalini awakening among other things and entrusted special responsibilities upon her. 12th February 2015 proved in the truest sense to be turning point in
Shree Gurumaee's life. Thrilling and exciting events had occurred on that day. Many divine personalities simultaneously appeared at a time through mediums. They left after blessing Shree Gurumaee, instructing her to lead the life of a "Guru".

This proved to be a unique day of the Kaliyuga. On this day, after accepting the divine instructions of Thakurji, ' Gurumaee ' became
'Shree GURUMAEE' for the sadhaks (spiritual aspirants). This grand ceremony was concluded in the Kaliyuga in the presence of numerous sadhaks With the blessings of the divine personalities, started the glorious chapter of Shree Gurumaee, as a spiritual leader.


The chapter marks the culmination of Shree Gurumaee's journey with an experience of 36 years since receiving diksha, 25 years of long meditational practice and 10 years of involvement in the propagation of Kriya yoga. Shree Gurumaee says reading, speaking and listening about spirituality; nurturing and living it are aspects of different and varied levels. The one who lives spirituality, sacrifices his / her life for this cause.

The experiences that are gone through by him / her are not understood by others easily since this is the law of nature: man accepts that only which falls within purview of his knowledge. But the spiritual world speaks beyond the boundaries of logic and science.

To understand the spiritual language, one's intellect and depth of thinking are required to be therefore made very strong. Our Shree Gurumaee's personality reflects these aforementioned virtues as are required by a spiritual guru. It is very difficult to be eligible for being selected as a Guru and accepting the position is an extraordinary responsibility. Shree Gurumaee notes that few so-called Gurus have destroyed the holiness and purity of the position of a Guru. Whoever feels tries to proclaim himself / herself as a Guru.

This is the influence of Kaliyuga and therefore we are very fortunate to have been blessed with a capable, in-person Guru in Shree Gurumaee.

Shree Gurumaee is a shining example of how family responsibilities and spiritual pursuits can be evenly balanced and how excellence can be achieved in both the spheres.

By her own conduct she demonstrates how one can manage one's time efficiently without compromising on quality in any aspect. She is not only particular about the spiritual progress of her sadhaks but also about their happiness quotient. " The purpose of spiritual practice is happiness and bliss", people leave Shree Gurumaee's company with pure happiness in their hearts and a smile on their lips. "Kriya yoga is the end of all sorrows", she declares!!

Our sincere prayer at the lotus feet of Shree Mahavatar Babaji is that all other sadhaks be also blessed with a Guru such as Shree Gurumaee.

Jai Shree Mahavatar Babaji
Jai Shree Gurumaee

-- DR. Mrs Anuja Janvalekar SHREE GURUMAEE