Brahmadivya Sadhana Kendra

ARANYADHYAAN Part-1 & Part-2

ARANYADHYAAN is a stepping stone for the HIMALAYAN SADHANA.

In this course the Sadhaks are taught HIMALAYAN PRANAYAM for preparing them for the most advanced stage of the HIMALAYAN SADHANA.

The practice of meditating in the woods so close to nature, helps to unravel the mysteries within.
No wonder our wise ancients and ascetics withdrew to the forests for meditation and contemplation.
While meditating in the nature we become one with the surroundings. We not only become receptive to the natural world but also realize that we are an intrinsic part of it.
We realize that the nature is broadening our perceptions and ushering us into a realm of wisdom beyond any known source of knowledge. We dissolve into the vibrating and pulsating nature and learn from her innumerable metaphors about how we too can live well in harmony.
->Here are some vital reasons to undertake the Aranyadhyaan course and some of its benefits:
- Emptying and filling your lungs with natural fresh air which is free of staleness and pollutants.
- Meditating in nature effectively brings you to a state of peace and tranquility.
- By sitting on the ground during Aranyadhyaan you will connect you with Mother Earth who is sending you good energy!
- That state of happy calmness comes so much easier when we are in nature, rooting down and connecting you directly to the creative powers of the universe around us.
- In the forests you will find plenty of solitude to unclutter your self and drop away the toxins deep within.
- Doing your Kriyas and meditation in nature leaves you with an indescribable super magical feeling of elation and exhilaration!
- Balancing the negative ions in your body as you make a contact with the earth when you sit on the ground during Aranyadhyaan. You connect your body to an unlimited number of negative ions which then flow through your body, helping to decrease inflammation as well as blood pressure.

Aranyadhyaan benefits you in a manner more than one. Therefore meditation retreats and monasteries are located in deep forests!
There is plenty to learn and realise from Aranyadhyaan. And judging by the benefits of Aranyadhyaan, some of which are discussed above, you will reap greater benefits during the HIMALAYAN SADHANA.
You can enrol for it at the earliest and see for your self how it works out for you. Chances are, you will love it and get hooked on to it!
If you are ready to take on the course, please feel free to contact us on our CONTACT US PAGE