Brahmadivya Sadhana Kendra


Nadi Shudhi (Purification of Nadis)

It's a scientific breathing technique with specific Mudras. It's derived from Rajyoga of Swamy Vivekananda. We have three Nadis, First left Nadi is called Ida (Chandra Nadi), Second Right side Nadi is called Pingla (Surya Nadi) and Third Nadi is Sushmna Nadi (Middle Nadi). This three Nadis will be purified in this process.

Chakra Jagruti (Activation of Chakras)

It's a breathing technique with some exercise, which helps for activation of Chakras. It's a long procedure around 4/5 hours. At the time of Chakra Jagruti participants enjoy unique experiences.

Intuition Development

Mean to improve our intuition level. Nadi Pranayama with specific Mudra will help the development of Intuition. Intuition is natural resources, but it gets more improved whenever we are exercising this technique.


We all have a burden of our past deeds known as Karma. We all are carrying this invisible but more effective thing. In our life, we enjoy or suffer according to our Karmas. To grow spirituality in our life we need to reduce the Karmic load. This process is called Karmakshalan. Homa Agni, Gyan Agni and Dhyan Agni can burn your karmic load. The effect of this can be seen as peace love and glow on your face.

Individual Attention

Every individual is different. At our center, we give individual attention to each participant, so that everyone gets most value out of our courses. We are committed to provide quality in each & every aspect of our training, so that the individual's aim/goal is achieved.

Discoveries New Possibilities

At the end of course, you will find out many abilities and new possibilities in your own personality & life.