Brahmadivya Sadhana Kendra


Feel of Chakras

People experience flow of energy along the length of spinal cord. When energy reaches to the point of specific chakra, sadhak can see the particular colour of respective chakra in the state of meditation.

Improved Concentration Level

At the end of course people experiences better concentration level than before, and also increased retention power.

Skill of Deep Meditation

Due to complete peace of mind & purification of body during kriyayoga, sadhak can easily achieve the state of deep meditation.

Greater Satisfaction Level

People experiences higher level of satisfaction in their day to day life.

Unique Spritual Experiences

Every sadhaka experiences extra-ordinary feelings, astral travel & darshan of their worshiped deity. During chakra jagruti, people experiences that many immortal saints guide them in their spiritual life.

Unique Health Benefits

People experiences better control on hunger, sleep, anger, depression & burden of old age.