Brahmadivya Sadhana Kendra


Tattva Sadhana (Use of Bij Mantra)

The human body, according to the ancient texts is made up of five elemental energies or Tattvas that occur in the nature. Tattva Sadhana is the science of controlling and regulating these tattvas in the body. This gives extraordinary control to the individual on all his bodily functions.

Aura Reading (With Naked Eyes)

It is sadhana of Panch Prana and Panch Kosha which depend upon Panch Pran Mudra and Kriya Yoga. Aura reading is advance course of Kriya Yoga. After this sadhana you can see your own aura and others aura with naked eyes.

Self Realization

After learning Kriya yoga, you can realize what you are? Who you are? What is Life? Who is God? and What is the aim of human Life? It's very rare and great feeling which you feel and realize.

Small Group Size

We conduct course with very small group because we want to pay individual and special attention to every Sadhaka.

Competitive Fees

We take very nominal fees so that everybody can afford it, because our aim is to reach every needy person.

Course Meduim: Marathi, Hindi

We conduct courses in Marathi & Hindi, since these are widely spoken languages.